Application and Software Development

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I'm a title


Sample Application Development Project Management



  1. Development of Cognos Disclosure Management samples 10.2.1 – IBM


  1. Development of TM1 - performance management samples for 10.2 – IBM


  1. Development of LDAP model(Lightweight directory application protocol) – Cognos


  1. Development of financial sample data – Cognos


  1. Development of Microsoft Analysis services samples – IBM


  1. Development of Cognos Analysis for excel samples – Cognos


  1. Port GreatOutdoorsSales Powerplay cube to TM1


  1. Creation of a multilingual TM1 report deployment


  1. Multilingual Translation for TM1 Greatoutdoors Cube


  1. Development of Cognos Planning samples – Cognos


  1. Development of Cognos Finance model - Cognos

Projects involved multiple teams from various disciplines (Business, Development, Infrastructure, etc.)


Sample development involved stakeholders from software development, documentation services, Quality Control, Product and release management, and globalization.