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Bench Marking and Performance Management

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Bench Marking and Performance Management

Use the power of information sharing between the non competitive members of groups to

rationalize your operations, improve service and cut costs.


I  will manage groups of 20 non competing businesses in specified industries.  Groups will meet two to four times per year to discuss their businesses and exchange ideas.  Each meeting is held near a member business so the group can visit the host member’s facility.  Additionally each member submits monthly financial and statistical information that is then provided to the 20 group members in a consolidated monthly report.


The opportunity for comparison with peers is the distinctive feature of the 20 group members.  The system accommodates all accounting methods, so there is no need to change accounting systems.


Discussions about practical solutions at group meetings are based on the facts and figures that come from each member business.  A primary benefit of group membershp is learning process and how facts and figures can be used to support business decisions and increase profit potential.


Groups will be assigned based on


Sales volume


Personal preference and

Personal fit with other members of the group





Each group is limited to 20 members representing specified geographical areas. Trends in products, customer buying habits and business cycles will vary, but that variance is a positive factor is doing less of the wrong things and more of the “right” things.

Using the Power of the Group


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