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Financial Management

I'm a title
I'm a title
I'm a title

I worked as a hospital CEO and financial director for 15 years.  My senior management and supervisory experience enables me to come up to speed quickly on most management assignments.


As financial director I managed the reception, accounting and payroll functions.  I developed the annual budget and then regularly reported financial statistics and results to the hospital board of directors and department managers.  I worked with our auditors to confirm year end results. The hospital experience is useful for most matrix style organizations.


I implemented a new Management Information System at the Kirkland and District Hospital and updated the General Ledger and Accounts Payable systems. 


I implemented the transition from PBX to electronic switch system.  I also implemented a unique accounts receivable system for all OHIP claims for Lab and Radiology departments.


My last 12 years in application development has required the use of many business intelligence and analysis tools.  I was responsible for creating financial OLAP data and application models for the benefit of IBM customers, QC teams, and educational programs. I was principally involved in sample development projects over the course of my career at IBM.


My certification in project management, and completion of the Canadian Securities Course are very useful in the role of any management position.


I have a post graduate diploma in Business Administration from Lakehead University which is supplementary to my B.SC (Biology) also from Lakehead.  I have added specialized training in Visual Basic Programming, Oracle database administration, community leadership, and health services management.


I have maintained an interest in giving back to the community and been active in volunteer pursuits especially in the area of river preservation.


In short I believe I can add value to any organization and I look forward to speaking to you about your contract opportunities in the near future.


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