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Business intelligence levers the value of corporate databases by  tapping into their underlying insights.  This is more important today than at any other time due to the volume of data that is being accumulated in these data repositories.


Some businesses need an expert set of hands to do this while others will only require advice. I offer my experience and knowledge to help them optimize their business intelligence investments based on affordable analysis using OLAP and other data related services especially but not limited to firms in and around Ottawa. 


Over the past 15 years I have developed specialized skills in online analytical process modeling in TM1 and Cognos Insight.  These skills are in demand and complement my certifications and experience in business, financial and project management.


I'm offering my services as an independent contractor to the members of my Bench marking groups.


My project management and business intelligence experience spans a period in excess of twenty years.


Technical Writing


In the sample development environment the minimum planning documents included the development of a samples plan and samples specification but my technical writing skills include creating supporting project documentation such as: Design Plans, Build Plans, Deployment Plans, Training Plans, Communication Plans and Project closure phase documents.


I have also drafted RFI and RFP for a hospital information system.

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